Vajrayana Buddhism Association

Vajrayana Buddhism Association

Established as a non-profit organization in 1993 by Master Tam Shek-Wing (Dorje Jigdral) in Hong Kong, the Vajrayana Buddhism Association's original aim was to offer systematic teachings of Tibetan Buddhism and to provide a forum in which scholars could publish their research in the growing field of Tibetan Buddhist studies. Today, the Vajrayana Buddhism Association consists of five branches in Hong Kong, Toronto, Vancouver, Hawaii, and San Francisco. The Toronto branch, established in 1994, now serves as headquarters.

Over the years, the Vajrayana Buddhism Association has remained true to its original mandate, continuing to offer weekly dharma and meditation classes across its various branches, and remaining committed to the publishing of books relating to Tibetan Buddhist studies. Between the years 1996 and 2002, the Vajrayana Buddhism Association published a Nyingmapa Series in 16 volumes, the culmination of a group translation project spearheaded by Master Tam. Among the translated works include Klong chen pa's Relaxation of the Mind-itself (Sems nyid ngal sgo) together with its autocommentary, as well as Mi pham rgyal mtsho's The Precious Torch of Certainty (Nges shes rin po che'i sgron me) and the Essence of Clear Light ('Od gsal snying po).

In 2002, the Vajrayana Buddhism Association signed a contract with Wisdom Publications to publish a scholarly series entitled Studies in Sino-Tibetan Buddhism. This series is aimed at promoting scholarship on the confluence of Tibetan and Chinese Buddhism, addressing the insights acquired through the study of Dunhuang manuscripts, and exploring the traditional interpretations of key Mahayana doctrines. The Vajrayana Buddhism Association has also sponsored the scanning and digitalizing of miscellaneous Tibetan Buddhist texts for the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center.

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