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The Vajrayana Buddhism Association sponsors the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center (TBRC) for the scanning of the following collections of Tibetan texts for preservation and distribution purposes:

The Tantras of the Followers of the Old Tradition. Reproduced from the Tingkye Gonpa Jang manuscript
The complete cycle teachings of the Lama Gongdu revelations of Terchen Sangye Lingpa
Collected Miscellaneous Writings of Longchenpa Drime Ozer (1308-1363)
Instructions on Nyingmapa practice by the Realized Adept Sera Khandro Kunzang Dekyong Wangmo (1892-1940)
Rediscovered Treasures of Dorje Thogme (1746-1796)
Revelations of the Eight Pronouncements of Guru Padmasambhava by Ngadag Nyangrel Nyima Ozer (1136-1204)
Essential Dzogchen Teachings transmitted by Longchenpa Drime Ozer (1308-1363)
Revelations of the Unity of the Intent of the Guru by Terchen Sangye Lingpa (1340-1396)
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